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Driven Rewards Terms and Conditions

Driven Rewards™ Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the Adirondack Transit Lines, Inc., d/b/a Trailways of New York (“Trailways of New York”) Driven Rewards Program (“Driven Rewards” or the “Program”). As a valued customer of Trailways of New York, we encourage you to participate in this Program. The Program will be administered in accordance with these Terms and Conditions of Membership (the “Rules”), which may be updated from time to time. By enrolling in the Program and becoming a Member, you agree to honor and abide by the Rules.

The terms “Member,” “Members,” “you,” and “your” apply to you as a Member of Driven Rewards; the term “Account” refers to your Driven Rewards Membership account; and the term “points” refers to your Driven Rewards points earned after the transition date. The term “calendar year” means January 1-December 31 of each year.

For information on how Trailways of New York may use and share the information you provide when you become a Member, please review our Privacy Policy.

By enrolling in the Program, you confirm and represent that you are the Member or that, if the Member is a minor, you are the child’s parent or legal guardian. If you are the child’s parent or legal guardian, you also confirm and represent that you, and not the child, are providing the child’s information to Trailways of New York.

No rights of any kind accrue in this Program except as specifically defined herein. There are no exceptions to these conditions of Membership except for those set out in this document. Trailways of New York reserves the right to interpret and apply these Rules in its sole discretion.

Membership in Driven Rewards is for individual travelers only. Individuals must enroll separately and may not pool or combine points with others (including family members). Individuals may join the Program online by visiting Trailways of New York’s website at www.trailwaysny.com, by calling Customer Care at (800) 858-8555, or other channels as may be designated by Trailways of New York.

Each Member is limited to one Account. A Member must provide his or her legal name matching his or her government issued photo ID, address, phone number, valid email address, and date of birth. The enrollment process must be completed by the prospective Member himself or herself, unless the prospective Member is a minor, in which case the parent or legal guardian may complete the enrollment process. Members will be asked to verify all of this information before speaking with Trailways of New York employees about their accounts. Account specific information will be sent via email to the primary email address in the Member’s Driven Rewards account. Trailways of New York is not responsible for unauthorized access to a Member’s Account and will not replace stolen points or awards.

If Trailways of New York becomes aware that a Member or a third party has misrepresented his or her identity in order to enroll in the Program or perform a Program transaction, Trailways of New York may, in its sole discretion, void the transaction and Driven Rewards Account.

All transactions and Accounts in the Program are subject to review and adjustment by Trailways of New York at any time and without notice to the Member to ensure compliance with applicable rules. Any suspected fraud, misrepresentation, misuse, abuse or violation of applicable rules, including, but not limited to, contracts of carriage, tariffs, the Program Rules, Trailways of New York’s Terms & Conditions, and our Driven Rewards Partners’ (as hereinafter defined) rules and regulations, may result in (a) cancellation of the Member’s Account and any associated reservations, (b) forfeiture of (1) accrued points in the Member’s Account, (2) awards, and (3) rewards or promotional incentives, and/or (c) a delay or suspension of the processing of points and reporting and the redemption of points, awards, status benefits, rewards and promotional incentives.

Driven Rewards points can be accrued by:

  • Traveling on Trailways of New York designated trips;
  • Using an eligible credit or gift card for qualifying purchases;
  • Using the services of a Driven Rewards Partner (including our programs to buy, share, or gift points); and
  • Promotional bonus points awarded by Trailways of New York or one of its Driven Rewards Partners.

Trailways of New York reserves the right to amend or delete any or all of the means currently recognized for accruing points and to exclude specific types of transactions or tickets from the accumulation of points.

Points will accrue only in the Account of the Member who actually travels, or purchases goods or services and whose name appears on the passenger trip coupon, hotel receipt, car rental agreement or goods or services invoice related to such travel or purchase.

To earn points for each qualifying trip, the Member must make their purchase online and be logged into his/her Driven Rewards Account when making his/her reservation prior to commencement of travel.

The estimated Driven Rewards points to be earned that are displayed during the booking process (if any) are an estimate only. The Member will not accrue any points for any portion of the ticket that has been traveled until the entire ticketed travel has been completed (i.e., traveled or refunded, as applicable). Cancellation is not considered taking action on a ticket. The actual number of points earned for each individual segment is calculated after completion of the entire ticket and is based on the final dollar amount paid for the base fare and fare product purchased for that trip. Any required taxes and fees are not eligible to earn points. Any changes to the original booking that result in a change in fare will result in a change to the number of points earned. In addition, Driven Rewards points are not awarded for trips cancelled due to weather or maintenance issues.

The following types of tickets are not eligible for accrual of Driven Rewards points:

  • Unused tickets;
  • Driven Rewards award tickets;
  • Special fare tickets, including senior and child fares;
  • Complimentary tickets;
  • Non-revenue travel tickets;
  • Reduced industry rate tickets;
  • Charter tickets;
  • Consolidator rate tickets;
  • Two-for-one companion tickets;
  • Tickets on certain subcontract service trips;
  • Tickets that do not display a fare (e.g., certain bulk or wholesale tickets, etc.);
  • Any ticket acquired or used in violation of these Rules and/or in violation of Trailways of New York’s Terms & Conditions; and
  • Any discount ticket deemed ineligible by Trailways of New York.
    Trailways of New York reserves the right to determine the eligibility of new fare types for points credit as they become available.

A Member who is enrolled in more than one carrier’s frequent traveling program may not receive points credit in more than one frequent traveler program for the same activity. Members must identify the frequent traveler program in which he/she wishes to accrue points for a particular itinerary at the time of initial booking. For example, if a Member travels with one of Trailways of New York’s partner carriers, the Member may elect to receive points credit in either the Trailways of New York Driven Rewards or in the other carrier’s plan but must make such election and notify the operating carrier when the booking is made. No changes may be made after the time of booking. Transferring points from one carrier’s frequent traveler program to another is not permitted.

It is the responsibility of the Member to retain passenger receipts, boarding passes, hotel receipts, car rental agreements, etc. until points credit appears on a Membership statement or their “My account” page on www.trailwaysny.com.

The Member must notify Trailways of New York Customer Care of any discrepancies in his or her account within six (6) months of the activity date unless a shorter time period is required by a Driven Rewards Partner. The request and supporting documentation should be sent directly to Customer Care at one of the points of contact listed at the end of these Rules. Requests must include the Member’s name, Driven Rewards Account number and supporting documentation. For motor coach points credit, the Member must send boarding passes and a copy of his or her ticket or electronic confirmation letter. For car rental points credit, Members should include a copy of the rental receipt. For hotel stay points credit, Members should include a copy of the hotel receipt/folio. For all other transactions for which points may be accrued, Trailways of New York requires a copy of the sales invoice or other proof of payment. All documentation must be legible and include the full legal name of the traveler (initials are not acceptable) and the dollar value of the transaction. Some Driven Rewards Partners may require the supporting documentation be sent directly to them to determine points eligibility.

Requests for retroactive Driven Rewards points credit for travel may be made online or by calling Customer Care. Points may be credited up to six (6) months from the date of the qualifying activity. Points cannot be credited for activity that occurred prior to enrollment in the Driven Rewards program.

Driven Rewards awards may include a one-way, or round-trip itinerary.

Awards may be subject to seat restrictions, and seats may not be available for award travel on all trips on all days. It may be particularly difficult to secure a seat to popular destinations and around major holidays. Trailways of New York cannot ensure availability for the use of Program points to purchase seats on any trip, route, or date. The number of points required to redeem trips may vary based on destination, time, day of travel, demand, fare class, and other factors.

The number of points required to redeem an award shall be that number of points set by Trailways when points are redeemed for the award, not when points are accrued, and is subject to change at any time until the booking is confirmed. Additionally, any changes to the itinerary after the initial booking may result in a change to the number of points required to purchase the reward trip.

Points are deducted at the time an award reservation is made and an electronic award ticket issued. Reward travel and other benefits of the Program may be subject to taxes, fees, and other government-imposed charges, which shall be the responsibility of the passenger and must be paid at the time reward travel is booked.

All awards must be booked and traveled prior to the expiration date stated on the award. Reservations involving the use of awards are required prior to the date of travel and must be made through Trailways of New York’s website: www.trailwaysny.com or by phone at: (800) 858-8555. When making your reservation by phone, please advise the Customer Care Representative that an award will be used for travel.

A Member can use his or her points to purchase seats for him/herself or others; however, the Member is solely responsible for making any changes to the itinerary after booking. A passenger traveling on a ticket using points from another Member’s account will not be allowed to make changes to the itinerary. The Passenger must contact the Member and have the Member make any necessary changes.

One en route stopover at an eligible city is allowed for each one-way award on international travel itineraries. When award travel is redeemed solely on Trailways of New York, one en route stopover is allowed for each one-way award on domestic travel itineraries. Round-trip itineraries with two stopovers, or one-way awards with one stopover may only be booked through the Trailways of New York Customer Care Center. They are not available online. Customer Care Center ticketing fees apply.

Trailways of New York reserves the right to establish redemption rules and to set the number of points required to obtain Driven Rewards benefits, including award travel, which is subject to change at Trailways of New York’s sole discretion without notice. Any such changes shall apply regardless of award levels and rules in effect at the time points were accrued. Notifications or changes concerning the procedures for redeeming points, accruing points, points award levels, and Membership Rules will be published by Trailways of New York and will be available at www.trailwaysny.com. Members will be deemed to accept these Conditions of Membership, in their then-current form, each time they redeem points for an award, regardless of the award levels and Rules in effect at the time the points were accrued.

Trailways of New York reserves the right to charge administrative, Membership or other fees associated with the Driven Rewards program, including points redemption fees for redemptions performed through the award reservations page on Trailways of New York’s website.

A Member will not be permitted to redeem Driven Rewards points for an award unless he or she has the full points balance required for the award in his or her Trailways of New York Driven Rewards Account. Award travel must be ticketed either via the award reservations page on Trailways of New York’s website, or through Trailways of New York Reservations. Once issued, all Driven Rewards tickets and award tickets are the responsibility of the Member.

Driven Reward award tickets have no cash value and are not refundable. Service fees will apply to replace, extend, or exchange award tickets, and to redeposit points into the Member’s Account. All service fees are nonrefundable. If a change is made to a Driven Reward award reservation which requires an additional number of points, those points must be taken from the same account from which the original award was redeemed.

Travel agents, travel arrangers and unauthorized brokers are not permitted to issue Driven Rewards tickets or to process or facilitate any other Driven Rewards transactions (including Driven Rewards account creation, account inquiries, and points or award ticket transfers) on behalf of others. If Trailways of New York becomes aware that a Member or a third party has misrepresented his or her identity in order to perform a Driven Rewards transaction, Trailways of New York may, in its sole discretion, void the transaction, points or award tickets issued, transferred or obtained in violation of these Rules in Trailways of New York’s sole discretion. The Member and/or the traveler shall be liable for the full, unrestricted value of awards issued as a result of improper or fraudulent transfers or otherwise in violation of these Rules. Trailways of New York shall not be responsible for any inconvenience, damage or loss incurred by the Member or the traveler if travel is interrupted or an award ticket is invalidated due to violation of these Rules.

For Members redeeming an award on a Driven Rewards Partner motor coach, connecting travel will be provided by Trailways of New York to the nearest gateway city of the Driven Rewards Partner at no additional charge. Connecting trips should be requested and reserved at the time the award travel is booked and ticketed. Travel is for connection purposes only and subject to availability.

Trailways of New York may from time to time offer “bonus” points or promotional awards, companion passes, partnership programs, or promotional incentives for Members’ use, such as hotel discounts, or retail discounts. Such offers are not a part of the Program’s formal award structure and may be temporary. Trailways of New York reserves the right to modify or eliminate such offers at any time. These offers are void where prohibited by law.

Class-of-service bonus points, if any, will be credited according to the class traveled (i.e., Members do not earn bonus points when using complimentary Business Class Upgrades or points award upgrades if the customer would like to travel that route).

Upon enrollment, each Member’s Account is active for an initial period of twenty-four (24) months. Members’ Accounts will thereafter remain active as long as the Member has a Qualifying Activity (as hereinafter defined) at least once every 24 months. The Member’s Account expiration date will be 24 months from the date of the last Qualifying Activity. If a Member fails to have any Qualifying Activity in 24 months, the Member’s Account will become inactive and all points, awards, rewards, and promotional incentives will be forfeited. Trailways of New York reserves the right to cancel the membership of any inactive Member. “Qualifying Activity” means (a) points earned from travel booked through Trailways of New York, (b) points earned from Driven Rewards Partners and posted to the Member’s account prior to the expiration date, and (c) redemption of a Driven Rewards award. To reinstate a Driven Rewards Account please contact Customer Care.

All customer credits, including Driven Rewards points and awards, will be stored and accessible through each Member’s Account, and shall expire one (1) year from the date the points are accrued. Expired credit, points and/or awards are removed from the account in the order in which they are earned. Points forfeited as a result of account cancellation due to inactivity can be reinstated for a fee and will retain their original expiration date (i.e. one year from the date of initial accrual).

Travel to and from Canadian destinations is subject to foreign government approvals, restrictions and passport/visa requirements. International documentation requirements, departure taxes and terminal usage fees, if any, are the responsibility of the Member and the Member’s traveling companions.

Infants traveling on certain Driven Rewards Partner carriers with award ticketed passengers to international destinations may be subject to an additional fee at the point of departure. International tariff laws require all infants to be individually ticketed. It is the passenger’s responsibility to contact the partner carrier to determine the fee for the infant’s transportation, and to arrange ticketing for the infant.

The name associated with the award ticket in the reservation must match exactly the name on the passenger’s government identification or passport.

For customers residing internationally and/or traveling to and from Canada, the Program, including without limitation Membership therein, the accrual of points and the issuance and use of awards and other benefits may be prohibited or restricted by the laws of Canada or their applicable country of residence, and nothing in these terms and conditions should be interpreted as overriding or circumventing any such non-U.S. laws.

Trailways of New York may terminate the Driven Rewards Program one-hundred and eighty (180) days after publishing notice of the Program’s termination on www.trailwaysny.com. Should Trailways of New York elect to terminate the Program, your right to accumulate points and earn and/or claim rewards can be terminated 180 days after notice is given, irrespective of the amount you participate in the Program.

Trailways of New York may, in its sole discretion, amend the Program Rules at any time.

Any and all changes to the Rules, including rules regarding the number of points needed for a Driven Rewards award, are retroactive and apply to all previously accumulated points.

The accumulation of points in a Member’s Account does not entitle the Member to any vested rights with respect to any specific awards or specific Driven Rewards benefits. In accumulating points, Members may not rely upon the continued availability of any award or award level, and Members may not be able to obtain awards for all destinations or trips. Trailways of New York may, without limitation:

  • Change Driven Rewards benefits, participant affiliations, or cities served;
  • Limit the number of seats available for award travel or otherwise restrict the continued availability of travel awards or special offers;
  • Increase or decrease the points required for an award; and
  • Modify transferability of points and awards.

Trailways of New York’s Driven Rewards Partners may on occasion implement changes affecting Driven Rewards benefits without prior notice to Members.

Trailways of New York does not mail Driven Rewards Program statements or notices. Members may view current activity by accessing their Account via Trailways of New York’s website, or may call Customer Care for any information and/or updates to the Member’s Driven Rewards Account.

A “My Account” profile is required to view activity online. Members may set up a My Account profile at www.trailwaysny.com. A user ID and password will be required to set up a My Account profile. Members will be asked to provide the user ID and password when accessing account information online. It is the Member’s responsibility to protect his or her user ID and password so that unauthorized users may not gain access to their My Account information.

The Member’s name, address, telephone number and Driven Rewards Account number should be included in all written communications. Additional information may be requested to verify Membership in telephonic communications.

Each Member is responsible for notifying Trailways of New York immediately of any change of name, email address, or physical address. Name change requests must be submitted in writing to info@trailwaysny.com. The written request must contain the Member’s current contact information (name, address, telephone number, and email address if available) and Driven Rewards account number, along with photocopies of legal documentation (ex. old government issued photo ID and new government issued photo ID, marriage license, divorce decree, etc.) and an informal letter indicating legal name. Email address and physical address changes may be made on www.trailwaysny.com after logging into in your Account.

Trailways of New York has a variety of motor coach and non-motor coach partners (collectively, the “Driven Rewards Partners”) that permit the accrual and/or redemption of points in the Driven Rewards program to Members who utilize their products or services. These partners are independent entities and Trailways of New York is not responsible for the nature or quality of the products or services provided by those partners.

Trailways of New York is not responsible for and assumes no liability for changes imposed by Driven Rewards Partners, including but not limited to changes in award levels, accrual amounts, rules, award cancellations, withdrawal of the partner carrier, or discontinued service between cities.

Partners may, at their discretion and without notice, change the amount of points required for their awards or the number of points credited for an activity, and may impose other restrictions upon the use of awards on their trips. Points accrued through utilization of a partner’s products or services are subject to such partner’s eligibility guidelines.

Permissible routings and destinations for award travel on motor coach partners may vary by Driven Rewards Partner.

Partner award seat availability may be different for Trailways of New York Driven Rewards Members than for Members of the partner’s own loyalty/frequent traveler program.

Driven Rewards points will not accrue on trips operated by non-partner carriers. (View list of motor coach partners). If a Member is rerouted on another carrier due to a cancellation by Trailways of New York or Driven Rewards Partner for operational reasons that occurred on the day of travel, the Member may earn points credit for the original itinerary by mailing or emailing the original passenger receipt and boarding pass, along with a brief explanation, to Customer Care. Points will not be credited if a voluntary trip change is made on another non-partner carrier due to a delay by Trailways of New York or a Driven Rewards Partner.

Awards or accrued points do not constitute the property of the Member to whose Driven Rewards Account the points have been posted. However, awards or accrued points do provide the Member with an option to exchange such points for travel at the redemption level in effect at the time of redemption (not at the time of accrual).

Trailways of New York reserves the right to audit Driven Rewards Accounts at any time and without notice to the Member to ensure compliance with these Driven Rewards Rules and applicable conditions of carriage and/or tariffs. In the event that an audit reveals discrepancies or violations, the processing of Driven Rewards awards, points accrual or redemption of accrued points may be suspended until the discrepancies or violations are resolved to Trailways of New York’s satisfaction. Trailways of New York reserves the right to terminate the Membership and/or suspend access to the points balance of any Member at any time for any reason it deems appropriate.

No benefit of Program Membership – including, without limitation, points credit, award travel, upgrade certificates, and companion certificates – may be sold, purchased, or bartered. Points, certificates, tickets, or other benefits of Driven Rewards Membership that are sold, purchased or bartered, and award tickets or points that are obtained from any unauthorized source (including travel agents, travel arrangers and unauthorized brokers), are voidable, in Trailways of New York’s sole discretion. Attempts to purchase, sell or barter these products or benefits shall be considered an act of fraud against Trailways of New York. The Member and/or the traveler shall be liable for the full, unrestricted value of awards issued as a result of improper or fraudulent transfers or otherwise in violation of these Rules. Trailways of New York reserves the right to deactivate the Account of any Member involved in such activities until liability is fulfilled.

In the event a Program Member violates these Rules, perpetrates a fraudulent or deceitful act against Trailways of New York, any of its Driven Rewards Partners or any of its customers, or engages in behavior offensive to Trailways of New York’ employees, partners or customers, Trailways of New York may, without notice and in its sole discretion, suspend the Member’s Account; terminate membership in the Program; cancel all previously accumulated points; and/or refuse to transport on a temporary or permanent basis. Reinstatements are subject to an administrative fee, if Trailways of New York elects to reinstate the Account, we reserve the right to seek all available damages at law and in equity that may result from a Member’s violation of these Rules. Participation in the Program may be prohibited or restricted in some countries. Nothing in these Rules should be read as an attempt to override or circumvent any such foreign laws, and the Program is void where prohibited by such laws.

By enrolling in Driven Rewards you acknowledge that: (i) the Program is not mandatory in order to purchase any ticket from Trailways of New York; (ii) all transactions and activities relating to the Program will be deemed to take place exclusively in the State of New York, United States of America, regardless of where any Member may be located or reside or the destination or origin of any trip; (iii) all monetary amounts and fees relating to such transactions will only be expressed and processed in US dollars, and Trailways of New York is not responsible for any exchange rate fluctuations that may affect the value that any Member receives in any other currency; and (iv) your credit card company or bank may charge you fees or charges related to your transactions as a Member and you will be solely responsible for any such fees or charges.

Any and all matters arising out of or relating to the Program Rules and/or the subject matter hereof shall be governed by, construed, and enforced in accordance with the laws of the United States of America and, to the extent not preempted by Federal law, the laws of the State of New York without regard to conflict of law principles, regardless of the legal theory upon which such matter is asserted.

You and we consent to the personal and exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the state and federal courts within Albany County, New York. You and we also agree to litigate any disputes between or involving you and us exclusively in the state and federal courts within Albany County, New York. You agree that any cause of action arising out of and/or relating to this program must be commenced within two (2) years after the cause of action accrues. Otherwise, such cause of action is permanently barred.

The Program Rules, together with the Member’s enrollment, the Terms & Conditions on www.trailwaysny.com, and our Driven Rewards Partners’ rules and regulations, represent the entire, integrated agreement between the parties relating to the Program, and shall supersede all prior representations, understandings or agreements pertaining thereto, either oral or written. No other covenants, warranties, undertakings or understandings may be implied, in law or in equity.

In no event shall Trailways of New York or their respective officers, directors and employees be liable to any Member, or anyone claiming through a Member, for any direct, indirect or consequential damages arising out of acts or omissions by Trailways of New York, any Driven Rewards Partner or any Driven Rewards Member in connection with the Program. if Trailways of New York and/or any Driven Rewards Partner improperly denies a Member points credit, travel award or some other benefit, the Member’s exclusive remedy shall be the issuance of the improperly denied credit, award or benefit, if available, or such alternative, comparable benefit as determined by Trailways of New York in its sole discretion.

Whenever possible, each provision of these Rules shall be interpreted in such a manner as to be effective and valid under applicable law. However, if any portion of these Rules shall be prohibited by or invalid under such law, it shall be deemed modified to conform to the minimum requirements of such law or, if for any reason it is not deemed so modified, it shall be prohibited or invalid only to the extent of such prohibition or invalidity without the remainder thereof or any other such provision being prohibited or invalid.



Customer Care

If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact Trailways of New York Customer Care at (800) 858 8555 or at info@trailwaysny.com.