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Winter Travel Tips 2019

A winter storm forecast can fill you with dread or panic if you’ve got travel plans. When it comes to weather and road conditions, certain things are definitely out of our control. The good news is, many are not! The TrailwaysNY team are experts at getting you where you need to go in all types of weather, but there are steps you yourself can take to make your winter bus travel run as smoothly as possible:

1. Take an earlier bus than originally planned
Buses travel only as fast as traffic and road conditions safely allow. When there’s snow, ice, or the infamous “wintry mix” in the forecast, assume that a bus trip will probably take longer than usual. Consider catching an earlier departure so you’re more likely to get where you’re going on time.

2. Stay in the loop on cancellations and delays
For service updates, check the “Service Advisories” page on the TrailwaysNY website, our Twitter feed, our Instagram feed, or our Facebook page. You can also call (800) 858 8555 for information.

3. Check “Where’s My Bus?”
With the “Where’s My Bus” feature on the TrailwaysNY website, you can get 24/7/365, real-time, info about your bus’ location on a map and expected destination arrival time. Simply tell us Point A, Point B, and time of departure.

4. Give a bus plenty of room to stop
As a bus comes into a station or stop, anticipate that it may slide on slick surfaces. Keep yourself at a safe distance until the bus reaches a complete stop.

5. Watch your step
As passengers track snow onto bus steps, they’ll get slippery. Use the handrails, take your time, and if you can, kick snow from your shoes before boarding.

6. Layer up
We’ll keep you warm and toasty on the bus itself. Until you get on board, make sure you’re dressed for the trip to and from the station, and the possibility of waiting outside or in a chilly terminal for longer than anticipated due to travel delays.

7. Respect your driver
TrailwaysNY ‘s commitment to safety is personified in the outstanding safety record of our operators in all sorts of road conditions. Sometimes that means a bus is late or the ride gets extended. Remember that your driver is a professional doing his or her best, and know that passenger civility (and especially a “thank you”) goes a long way in less-than-ideal circumstances.

8. Download your favorite entertainment ahead of time
All of our buses have free WiFi, however, you are limited to how much data you can use and most streaming websites are blocked to allow all passengers to have access to this service. Many of the most popular streaming sites such as Netflix and Spotify allow you to download your movies and music before traveling.

9. Stock up on supplies
Don’t forget your headphones, chargers (yup, you can charge on the bus), and some snacks for the ride!