When traveling by bus to Albany or by bus from Albany, TrailwaysNY is the premier choice for safe, economical, reliable and comfortable transportation.
Our Albany bus service runs to and from many cities and towns within New York State for your convenience. At TrailwaysNY, our commitment to exceptional service has made us the hometown bus line for generations of travelers.
Please be advised that although we work hard to keep our fares and schedules current, they are subject to change without notice.

Effective thru January 22, 2019 

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Albany-Nanuet $32.00 OW, $64.00 RT
Albany-White Plains $42.00 OW, $84.00 RT
Albany-New Rochelle $44.00 OW, $88.00 RT
Albany-Queens Village $39.00 OW, $78.00 RT
Albany-Mineola $49.00 OW, $98.00 RT
Albany-Hempstead $49.00 OW, $98.00 RT
Albany-Massapequa $52.50 OW, $105.00 RT
Albany-Babylon $57.00 OW, $114.00 RT


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For more information on fares between other cities, please call the Trailways Customer Care Center at 1-800-776-7548.


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Fri-Mon Only Daily See note below** Daily   Daily Daily Fri-Mon Only
 —- 12:45 pm 3:55pm** 4:00pm SUNY Albany 11:55 am D3:55pm D8:45pm*
9:30am 1:30pm 4:30pm** 4:45pm Albany 11:25am 3:35pm 8:10pm
10:30am 2:30pm 5:30pm** 5:45pm Kingston 10:25am 2:15pm 7:05pm
10:50am 2:50pm —- 6:10pm Rosendale 10:05am 1:55pm 6:45pm
11:05am 3:05pm 6:05pm** 6:25pm New Paltz 9:50am 1:40pm 6:30pm
—– 3:10 pm*** 6:10pm** —– SUNY New Paltz —- 1:35pm 6:26pm
11:10am 3:15pm 6:15pm** 6:30pm New Paltz P&R D9:45am D1:30pm D6:25pm
12:05pm 4:05pm 7:10pm** 7:25pm Nanuet 8:55am 12:35pm 5:35pm
12:35pm 4:35pm 7:40pm** 7:55pm White Plains 8:25am 12:05pm 5:05pm
1:05pm 5:05pm 8:10pm** 8:25pm New Rochelle 7:55am 11:35am 4:35pm
1:35pm 5:35pm 8:40pm** 8:55pm Queens Village 7:25am 11:00am 4:05pm
2:00pm 6:00pm 9:05pm** 9:20pm Mineola 7:00am 10:35am 3:40pm
2:15pm 6:15pm 9:20pm** 9:35pm Hempstead 6:45am 10:20am 3:25pm
—- 6:50pm 9:55pm** 10:10pm Massapequa 6:15am 9:45am —-
—- 7:10pm 10:15pm** 10:30pm Babylon 6:00am 9:25am —-

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*This trip will operate to SUNY on Fridays, Sundays & Mondays Only.

**This trip will operate on 12/14 only.

***This trip will operate on 11/30; 12/7, 14