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Baggage Information

Baggage Policies

You’re in the right place if you want to learn more about baggage rules for your upcoming trip.

Each passenger is permitted to board the vehicle with one (1) complimentary carry-on item that may be stowed in the overhead compartment. Additional carry-on items are not permitted.

For guidelines on traveling with medical devices, please visit Passengers with Special Needs.

Each adult passenger is permitted to stow up to two (2) pieces of luggage in the buses luggage bay free of charge. Children are permitted one complimentary stowed bag per purchased ticket.

Guidelines on stowed baggage:

  • All baggage must be tagged with an identification tag bearing the passenger’s name and telephone number.
  • Dimensions should not be greater than 62 inches (combined length + width + height).
  • No plastic bags, garbage bags or perishable items will be accepted as baggage. Moreover, plastic bags may not be used to house items intended for storage under the vehicle.
  • No single piece of luggage may exceed 50 pounds and the total weight of all luggage per ticket may not exceed 100 pounds.
  • All bags must be claimed by the passenger at all transfer points and at the final destination.

For guidelines on traveling with medical devices, please visit Passengers with Special Needs.

Look at you enjoying the great outdoors. When traveling with bicycles, skis, and snowboards, please note our special policy on accommodating your fun luggage.

  • Skis and Snowboards may exceed 45 inches in length when securely wrapped in suitable material – for example: canvas, nylon or leather.
  • Bicycles may not exceed 8 x 32 x 60 inches, and must be securely fastened and wrapped in a box, canvas, or other protective casing to prevent damage should items shift in the baggage compartment. For travelers with connecting schedules, keep in mind that we cannot guarantee your bicycle will be accepted by connecting bus carriers.

Please remember to take your prescription medication with you on board the bus in a carry-on bag. It’s a best practice that you should avoid packing prescription medication in luggage that you’ll have to stow in the luggage bay as that area of the bus is inaccessible while en route or in the event of an emergency.

For the comfort and safety of our passengers, and/or pursuant to federal, state, and local laws, Adirondack, New York, and Pine Hill Trailways do not transport the following items:








Laptop Computers*


Perishable Items


Electronic Equipment*


*Electronic Equipment may be stored under the bus, only in the original box with original packing material.  Laptop Computers must be carried onboard the coach with you.

Excess Luggage

A $15.00 per bag fee is charged for each piece of baggage over the 2-piece limit. A maximum of 3 additional pieces will be accepted.

Checked Baggage

No baggage will be checked by Adirondack, Pine Hill, and New York Trailways. Passengers are responsible for claiming their own baggage upon arrival at transfer points and final destinations.