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Autocar de Longueuil entre New York City

When traveling by bus to Longueuil or by bus from Longueuil, TrailwaysNY is the premier choice for safe, economical, reliable and comfortable transportation. Our Longueuil bus service runs to and from many cities and towns within New York State for your convenience. At TrailwaysNY, our commitment to exceptional service has made us the hometown bus line for generations of travelers.

Please be advised that although we work hard to keep our fares and schedules current, they are subject to change without notice.

Autocar de Longueuil vers New York City
Effectif jusqu’au 3 septembre 2019

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Départ de Longueuil Arrivé à New York City Fréquence
8:15 16:20 Quotidien sauf mercredi & jeudi
9:20 18:15 Quotidien
22:50 6:15 Quotidien
23:05 6:15 vendredi seulement
23: 50 7:00 Quotidien
Autocar de New York City vers Longueuil
Effectif jusqu’au 3 septembre 2019
Départ de New York City Arrivé à Longueuil Fréquence
9:00 D 17:00 Quotidien sauf mardi & mercredi
10:00 D 18:35 Quotidien
18:30 D 2:40 Quotidien
22:15 D 5:35 Quotidien
22:30 D 6:10 jeudi seulement

D – Stops only to discharge ticketed passengers

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